Currently on – Paulo Neves’ exhibition Energia opens on the 19th of October 2017


This week, and for the third time at São Mamede Gallery, opens a new exhibition with sculptures by the artist Paulo Neves. The artist was born in Cucujães (Portugal) in 1959. Currently lives and works in Portugal.


Untitled, 2017, Sculpture in cedarwood, 230 x 50 x 15 cm


Paulo Neves’ oeuvre expresses a unique and unmistakable language that, since the beginning of his career, has chosen wood as primordial material, for the construction of a singular vocabulary. Just like in other series, such as Impressões (2005) or Ocos (2008), again his most recent sculptures celebrate the relationship between the natural world and a spiritual dimension. In this new series, entitled Energia, the artist created a group of varied sculptures, which being similar to totems, open a discussion that compares the cult of art to the contemplation of the sacred: tall cedar wooden columns admirably shaped, inciting the viewer by its scale and simplicity of the material, in an almost baroque expression that evidences the exigency of the technical practice and the profound involvement of the artist with his creations.


Untitled, 2017, Sculpture in cedarwood, 205 x 47 x 47 cm


His entire oeuvre, but particularly this series, makes us feel an energy that connect us to his pieces in a singular way, this because they awake one senses and invite the viewer to touch, to smell, to interact with them.

The exhibition opens on the 19th of October.



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