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This week, and for the first time at the São Mamede Gallery, opens a new exhibition with paintings by the artist Luís Rodrigues. The painter was born in Torres Novas (Portugal) in 1948, lives and works here and also between Paris and Burgundy.


Untitled, 2017 – Mixed technique on canvas, 100 x 81 cm | Untitled, 2017 – Mixed technique on canvas, 100 x 81 cm


He describes his late paintings as part of a concept in evolution, which relates forms and colours with sonorities, these in association to specific places of his own experience. His paintings are not realistic representations; he calls them “landscapes of the memory”. Each one translates a unique encounter of colours, simultaneously fluid and pasty, shiny and opaque, shaped in organic forms and connected by fully charged gestures. The artist expressiveness is carved into the canvas, as the painter’s brush engraves an original vocabulary just as if he was inventing a new kind of hieroglyphs.


Untitled, 2016, Mixed technique on canvas, 130 x 130 cm


Since 1970 Luís Rodrigues has participated in more than 170 collective exhibitions and biennales, plus in more than 80 solo exhibitions through out Europe. This exhibition opens in association with the initiative Bairro das Artes, which takes place every year around this time. To know more about this see .

The exhibition opens on the 21st of September.


Vent du Soir, 2012, Mixed technique, 162 x 130 cm


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