Currently on – Georg Scheele from 29th of June until 27th of July 2017

The work of the German sculptor Georg Scheele (1961-) is currently present at São Mamede Art Gallery in Lisbon, in a collective exhibition with the painter Nuno Santiago.


Georg Scheele, ‘Exit to freedom’ 186)1 2017, Marble, 70 cm x 83 cm x 50 cm


Georg Scheele lives and works in Monchique (Portugal) since 1990. He is trained as a stonemason and began his career crafting marble sculpture over 30 years ago. Despite his primacy for marble, the artist has produced sculptures in plural materials, such as aluminium, bronze and different sorts of stone. Scheele’s sculptures are complex: peculiar visions of abstract nature materialized into solid matter, which delude the viewer by its lightness and minimalist appearance. Captured by the sculpture’s movement and its deep sense of unity, one’s mind is transported into a cosmic realm, an experience both censorial and intellectual.


Georg Scheele, Inside out 186)2 2017 Mármore 69 cm x 79 cm x 30 cm


The exhibition ‘The truth of empty space’ presents a selection of his most recent sculptures. Georg Scheele has exhibited his work in Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Scotland, England and the USA and his pieces are in Collections worldwide; this is the third time he exhibits at São Mamede Art Gallery in Lisbon.


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