What’s on… in Japan – World Photographic Cup 2017

The Portuguese team, for the second time in a row, won the 1st Price on the World Photographic Cup competition, this year in Japan.



The competition is divided in six categories: Nature; Landscape and Wild Life; Illustration and Digital Art; Portrait; Reportage and Photojournalism and Wedding, and this year the competition had twenty-five teams from different countries.





Composed by fifteen photographers: André Brito, António Tedim, Carlos Resende, Daniel Rodrigues, Diamantino Jesus, Diogo Freitas, Fernando Branquinho, João Carlos, José Almeida, José Ferreira, Miguel Matos, Nelson Marques, Nuno Sá, Pedro Vilela and Rui Palha; the winner team came from all over Portugal, and despite individually only José Almeida won a bronze medal, their collective punctuation was superior and assured them the first prize.





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