What’s on … in Lisbon – José de Almada Negreiros: “a way of being modern” at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Curated by Mariana Pinto dos Santos and Ana Vasconcelos


Almada Negreiros


As has been happening, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation is exhibiting another fantastic exhibition that aims to show the great Portuguese artists. This time it’s Almada Negreiros under the spotlights, the artist that presents himself as the true modernity.


Auto-retrato, Almada Negreiros


Almada (1893-1970) was a complex artist, always producing more work. With a vast and diversified work, he was mainly known, for his permanent public intervention and the authorship of various written manifests about the role of the artist, the role of art and the modernity definition.


Almada Negreiros


Almada Negreiros


This anthological exhibition presents 400 works, several never seen before, but most important, is curated in completely different perspectives of the exhibits before. Organized in eight different themes, allows the public to know another sides of Almada Negreiros and turning the artist new, not only to the public who didn’t know him, but also to whom is very familiarized with the artist’s pieces


Almada Negreiros


Almada Negreiros


An important and crucial exhibition to learn more about Portuguese modern art.






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