What’s on… in New York – “Francis Picabia: Our heads are round so our thoughts can change direction” at MOMA



Francis Picabia


The great French artist, Picabia, is now exposed in New York, showing for the first time in the United States an exhibition that crosses his entire work.



Francis Picabia


Born in 1879 and died in 1953, Francis Picabia was one of the big names of the Dada movement side by side with Marcel Duchamp, but his work goes much further and the aim of this exhibition is revealing the many different sides of the artist. He worked on painting, poetry, publications, performances, prints and even film. Moved from impressionism to radical abstractionism, from Dadaism to pseudo classicism and photograph realism. A true resistance on compromise with any art movement or style.



Francis Picabia



Francis Picabia


The contemporary art was truthfully affected and influenced by his thoughts and attitudes towards life and the concept of art. A marked scepticism and an persistence on questioning the meaning and purpose of art, allowed him to explore immensely and to open doors to sundry ways to create.



Francis Picabia



Francis Picabia


An exhibition with 200 works of art (paintings, drawings, letters, prints, film), that takes notice of the importance of this artist life on today’s reality.






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