What’s on in… Madrid – “Contra la Expansión”, Pedro Figueiredo at Tomás y Valente Art Centre


Pedro Figueiredo


“Contra la Expansión” allow us to see another perspective of Figueiredo’s work emphasizing light and shadow contrast between the sculpture and the space/ environment around it. In a way the piece only speaks to the space of the gallery, but in this case, they’re obliged to deal with all the light, life, and information that a larger view on the city of Madrid requests through big and welcoming windows.



Pedro Figueiredo



Pedro Figueiredo


Pedro Figueiredo was born in 1974 in Guarda, Portugal, is graduated in Sculpture and concluded a post-graduation course in Plastic Arts from the School of Arts of Coimbra of the E.U.A.C. Won already some awards and is represented in more than ten public collections in Cuba and Portugal. Through his sculptures we can identify a clearly influence by Alberto Giacometti with the permanent reflexion on the human figure and the use of stretched figures. The artist represents mainly women, with large and dominant hands and feet, in various movements and dispositions, reminding a surrealist theme.



Pedro Figueiredo



Pedro Figueiredo


In this exhibition are in display 12 sculptures and a few drawings and a video explaining the process and creation of the pieces. The sculptures are made by a combination of polyester resin, ceramics, wood and metal, providing an idea of strong and heavy sculptures, but in fact they are much lighter than they appear. A great exhibit showing not only the finish work, but also the process and the commitment behind it.



Pedro Figueiredo




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