What’s on in… Loulé – “Meandros” Paulo Neves at Convento do Espírito Santo Art Gallery



Paulo Neves


Our great artist, Paulo Neves, is on display in Loulé with the exhibition “Meandros”, curated by João Moniz, from the 3rd of September until 29th of October.



Paulo Neves


Born in 1959 in Cucujães, Oliveira de Azemeis and graduated in Painting from the Fine Arts University of Oporto, the sculptor is already represented in about 90 national spaces and more than 20 internationals collections.



Paulo Neves


The artist works can be related to the new primitive movements that appeared in the 80’s, but at the same time seek an original language. There’s a reunion between art, land and life, which appear against the minimalism and globalism. The main material is wood, which the artist sculpts to amazing pieces, full of movement and applies different colors and continuous wave shapes, giving a sense of tribal and pure works of art. The pieces remain raw material (tree), and sculpture, enabling you to behold various perspectives in the same object: the tree; the Paulo Neves’s concept and the extraordinary piece that came out of the conjugation of both.



Paulo Neves



Paulo Neves


An extraordinary artist, with about thirty-five years of work and many stories to tell through the “meanderings” of his pieces.



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