Currently on – Painting and Drawing by António Charrua, from 20th of October until of 15th of November





São Mamede Art Gallery in Lisbon is pleased to announce an important exhibition with opening on 20 October where it will present an extraordinary set of painting and drawing worksof the artist António Charrua, which were part of the retrospective exhibition presented by the Gulbenkian Museum in 2015.





António Charrua was born in 1925 in Lisbon, attended the Engineering Course in 1944 and the Architecture Course in 1950, never ending both courses. The big turn in this extraordinary Portuguese artist happened when Charrua met Vincent Van Gogh’s work, in 1945, and a little bit later, Picasso’s work. A complete dazzle for two of the fathers of modern art changed his life and established his path somewhere between abstract expressionism.





Having started with a more figurative line of work, like some other artists, experience also engraving and was with this technique that started to win the critiques admiration in the late 50’s. Through the three scholarships granted by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, travelled and acquired many influences, not only in painting, but also in philosophy literature, which the artist was obsessed with.





From Rauscenberg to catalan informalism, Charrua touched many art movements, was close to the aesthetics of many artists, but had always a very characteristic work. Strong colors, strong contrast with a sense of movement, but with an enormous structure and study behind it. The artist was fascinated by Mondrian and his ability to control colors and lines like an absolute truth and so developed a kind of absolute truth for his painting, using shapes, colors and gestualism, created signs and symbols. A Charrua’s alphabet where the “X”, the pyramid and the “T” belong.








Charrua’s work continue to grow and to be recognized after his death in 2008, having had many collective and individual exhibitions in life, now, São Mamede have the honour to display the next exhibit granting the public not only the joy to contemplate the pieces but also to take them home.


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