Currently on – “A Casa de Muu” by Ana Maria, from 22nd of September until of October



Ana Maria


The outstanding self-taught artist, Ana Maria, is now exhibiting in São Mamede Art Gallery in Lisbon, the new fantastic detailed and labyrinthine pieces are yours to contemplate.



Ana Maria


Born in 1959 and graduated on philosophy in 1982, the artist works on several art fields, from painting to theatre, performance and even artistic events, in the area of music and video.



Ana Maria


The work of Ana Maria is on the border of figuration and abstraction, complex shapes that reveal particularized figures as an abstract tendency of a big chromatic restraint. The artist runs through several colour palettes, but in this exhibition concentrates mainly on the reds and oranges, strong colours that reveal fantastic worlds alive in the artist mind.




Come visit this amazing exhibition, starting in the 22 of September with a performance played by the artist!




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