Currently on – “FAR AWAY COMING CLOSER” by Deolinda Fonseca, from 7th of May to 18th of June.


The great artist Deolinda Fonseca is exhibiting at São Mamede Oporto, an exhibition you cannot miss!

Far away coming closer

Deolinda Fonseca


The artist was born in 1954 in Oporto and is a well known artist at São Mamede. With several national and international exhibitions and works represented in many collections, Deolinda Fonseca never loses her identity and her distance to emptiness and mass-produced paintings.


Hidden (corridors)

Deolinda Fonseca



Deolinda Fonseca


She is an expressionist in the truest way possible, as also an abstract artist. Expresses her knowledge, her experience and her way through life with a pure, primitive and full of movement brushstroke. Not at all afraid of colour, really connected to nature, the artist manages to create an extraordinary layered canvas that light up your imagination.



Deolinda Fonseca


Washed up memories

Deolinda Fonseca


Come visit our gallery in Oporto, and don’t miss these works that not only take a life on their own but also allows us to interact and take part in its life!



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