What’s on in… Paris – L´évènement, Anselm Kiefer at Pompidou Centre


Anselm Kiefer


This   amazing exhibition  offers a  never  seen  before  retrospective of  Anselm Kiefer. All kinds of Kiefer pieces were brought together for the first time in a unique way, more than sixty paintings curated as a  series of  dramatic moments  in the  artist career. The German  artist  learned  from the great Joseph  Beuys, and  participated  with Georg Baselitz, Sigmar Polke  and Gerhardt  Richter in the revival of German painting, providing a provocative, controversial and confrontation work.



Anselm Kiefer


Usually  associated  by the  critics  to  the new  expressionist  and new  symbolism  movements,  Anselm Kiefer, was born in 1945, the  year  that  World War II  ended, and  was forever  marked  by this dark side of society. In particular, by the history and myth of German culture. One of the many examples is the 1980’s work, which shows ruins of the buildings from the Fuhrer’s favourite architect, buildings that were actually destroyed by  allied bombings,  as we can  see in  the piece Innenraum, which represents the New Reich Chancellery, the symbol of Nazi power. Albert Speer, Fuhrer’s architect, wanted his work to turn into ruins  that  would  inspire people  through  time, but  that  didn’t  happened,  which allowed people to forget the war. Kiefer wants us to remember the war and the damages it made.



Anselm Kiefer, Innenraum



Anselm Kiefer


Focused on exposing  all that went  wrong with his country  and  with the world, shows  a sense of irony and grief for what it might have been. What Kiefer’s work lack in colour, is compensated on power, his paintings don’t leave anyone indifferent, even the materials used  by the artist,  ash and lead, are related to this feeling.



Anselm Kiefer


A remarkable exhibition, that  allows us to scoop on the artist’s mind through his life, and all the decisive moments, especially the dramatic ones. The exhibit will be open until 18th of April.





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