Serralves is a very special place, the gardens are beautiful – and it is also a great reason to visit Porto. Even if Porto doesn’t require a reason to be visited at all.



Yto Barrada

Yto Barrada

But since we have been so focused in What’s on in Lisbon, we thought it would be a great time to talk about Porto. After all we are there as well.

Yto Barrada, was born in Paris in 1971, but she actually grew up in Tanger.


Yto Barrada

Nowadays she uses several mediums to reflect about the global word. Through videos, installation, sculpture, she captures the exotic reality, comparing it to what the travel agencies advertise. And her home town – Tanger – is the perfect place to explore this themes.

Yto Barrada

Yto Barrada


This time the artist was photographic many gardens, public and private in an attempt to make the disappearing of public spaces notable but also in an attempt to represent the migration of ideas, people and of course plants – showcasing this global world, as a progressively more homogenous world.




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