Jacob Lawrence, September 7, 1917 – June 9, 2000, was one of the most famous African-American artists on the 20th century. Lawrence discovered the arts very early on – and it was also early that his work was discovered. He was only twenty one, when his work was shown in Boltimore museum of art, but it was his Migration Series, – a 60-piece panel that depicts the Grand migration of African-American, from the rural south to the the Urban north, – that gained him national recognition. The success of his works was so, that within a couple of months, his entire series had been bought by two museums – The Museum of Modern Art and the Phillips Memorial Gallery (today The Phillips Collection), with each institution acquiring half of the panels.


Jacob Lawrence; MoMA;

Jacob Lawrence – Migration Series


Now there is a chance to view his 60 panels together at the MoMA, having been gathered for the first time ever, and appreciating the complete series, learning more about the Grand Migration, and admiring this beautiful paintings. So if you find yourself in New York until September 7th, remember to visit MoMA.


Jacob Lawrence; MoMA;

Jacob Lawrence – Migration series

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