Given the fact that we are an Art Gallery you might wonder why we are talking about an Aquarium. And while our blog is mainly focused on art – there are somethings outside the obvious art world we believe you shouldn’t miss. And one of them is the temporary exhibition at the Lisbon Aquarium.

Lisbon Oceanarium

Lisbon Oceanarium

Takashi Amano, 1954, is a Japanese photographer, designer and aquarist. He is one of the best in designing underwater landscapes – creating beautiful environments in aquariums. His constructions have taken him around the world and he has come to Lisbon to create his biggest, boldest design yet.

Lisbon Oceanarium - “nature aquarium”

Lisbon Oceanarium – “nature aquarium”

And because we are alway attracted to the creativity aspect in every project, we had to mention that Rodrigo Leão, acclaimed musician, has composed a unique theme for this exhibition – in praise of the masterpiece Amano created – that combines unique species of plants and fish. His music perfectly unites with the landscape, creating the perfect environment of serenity Takashi wanted to achieve.

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity – a world class exhibition – a chance that doesn’t come around every time, and one you should not miss.


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