Just yesterday, on our Instagram account we mentioned that an incredible artwork from the Portuguese artist Paula Rego, would soon arrive at our gallery.
Today we thought it would be appropriate to go through our Paula Rego files, after all the artist worked with São Mamede for many years.

Paula Rego, Art, Artist, Exhibition

Newspaper about Paula Rego exhibition at São Mamede, 1971

After searching through all the pictures, catalogues and newspapers we chose this piece of newspaper about the exhibition held here in Lisbon in 1971. Below the image of one of her artworks we can see how big a success the exhibition was. Many people visited the gallery, to see the set of ten paintings that Paula Rego painted from 1967 to 1971.

São Mamede, artist, Paula Rego, exhibition

Catalogue from Paula Rego’s exhibition at São Mamede in 1971

Paula Rego is a leading portuguese artist with a powerful work, famous worldwide, and easily recognized by her storybook quality. The artist is not afraid to dive deep into any theme, creating formidable images that are impossible to stay indifferent to. Paula Rego’s work is definitely not for everyone – it is too strong for some, often shocking and always striking, – but it is most definitely impressive and of great quality.

Paula Rego's exhibition at São Mamede

Catalogue from Paula Rego’s exhibition at São Mamede in 1971

After reading the news we also found the catalogue for her exhibition. It was a pleasure going through the history of the gallery – and with such amazing artists, it is certainly more exciting.

Paula Rego's exhibition at São Mamede

Image taken from the catalogue of Paula Rego’s exhibition at São Mamede, 1971


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