The Museum Channel

Have you met the Museum Channel? A programing dedicated entirely to Art. A unique channel that seeks to spread cultural program around the world and allow all to contemplate amazing exhibitions, even from far away.     Like that wasn’t enough, it’s all done with an extraordinary quality, filmed with 4K/Ultra HD technology, ensuring the… Read more »


Currently on… at São Mamede, Lisboa – António Charrua

Currently on – Painting and Drawing by António Charrua, from 20th of October until of 15th of November     São Mamede Art Gallery in Lisbon is pleased to announce an important exhibition with opening on 20 October where it will present an extraordinary set of painting and drawing worksof the artist António Charrua, which were… Read more »


What’s on in… Madrid – Pedro Figueiredo

What’s on in… Madrid – “Contra la Expansión”, Pedro Figueiredo at Tomás y Valente Art Centre   “Contra la Expansión” allow us to see another perspective of Figueiredo’s work emphasizing light and shadow contrast between the sculpture and the space/ environment around it. In a way the piece only speaks to the space of the… Read more »


What’s on in… Loulé – Paulo Neves

What’s on in… Loulé – “Meandros” Paulo Neves at Convento do Espírito Santo Art Gallery     Our great artist, Paulo Neves, is on display in Loulé with the exhibition “Meandros”, curated by João Moniz, from the 3rd of September until 29th of October.     Born in 1959 in Cucujães, Oliveira de Azemeis and… Read more »


Currently on… at São Mamede, Oporto – Ana Sério

Currently on – “Paisagens sem Povoamento” by Ana Sério, from 24th of September until 11th of October.     A new take on Ana Serio’s exhibition in São Mamede, Lisbon, is now exhibiting in our gallery in Oporto. New landscapes inspired by the same literary work, “Finisterra, Paisagem e Povoamento” by Carlos Oliveira, are combined… Read more »


Currently on… at São Mamede Lisboa – Shintaro Nakaoka

Currently on – “Escultura” by Shintaro Nakaoka, from 22nd of September until 18th of October   The Japanese award-winning artist, Shintaro Nakaoka, was born in 1957, graduated in Sculpture from the Tama Art University, held many individual and collective exhibitions and is represented in more than 30 private collections.     His unique and unparalleled… Read more »


What’s on in… Lisbon – José Escada

What’s on in… Lisbon – “I do not evolve, I travel” José Escada at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation The first retrospective exhibition of the artist José Escada is exhibiting at the Modern Collection of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation until October 31st.         Born in 1934, José Escada represents a perfect balance between abstraction and… Read more »

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Get to know our new APP – Galeria São Mamede

  From now on, the access to our artists, artworks and exhibitions will be possible through your phone. With a over growing availability of APPs, and other platforms to access information we, at São Mamede, had to grow with it, and a phone APP with all our information easily available to you sounded like a great… Read more »

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