What’s on in… Lisbon – José Escada

What’s on in… Lisbon – “I do not evolve, I travel” José Escada at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation The first retrospective exhibition of the artist José Escada is exhibiting at the Modern Collection of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation until October 31st.         Born in 1934, José Escada represents a perfect balance between abstraction and… Read more »


Currently on… at São Mamede Lisboa – Summer Colective

Currently on… at São Mamede Lisboa – Summer Colective, until September 21st   As always, it’s summer and with it comes our great summer collective!       São Mamede Art Gallery in Lisbon is now covered with pieces from several outstanding artists, an opportunity to view an extended perspective of our reserve and also some just… Read more »


What’s on in… Lisbon – Pedro Figueiredo

What’s on in… Lisbon – No Limite da Forma, Pedro Figueiredo at Centro Cultural de Cascais   The Cascais City Council and Fundação D. Luis I, give us the privilege to contemplate the amazing sculptures of Pedro Figueiredo in Centro Cultural de Cascais (Museum Quarter) from 17th of June until 28th of August.    … Read more »

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Get to know our new APP – Galeria São Mamede

  From now on, the access to our artists, artworks and exhibitions will be possible through your phone. With a over growing availability of APPs, and other platforms to access information we, at São Mamede, had to grow with it, and a phone APP with all our information easily available to you sounded like a great… Read more »

Cargaleiro at São Mamede

From our files – Manuel Cargaleiro

  Manuel Cargaleiro has become a bit of a portuguese icon. Just like in our last post – about Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso – Paris has had a great influence in his life, being his home. But contrary to the aforementioned artist he has yet to have such a big exhibition.     However we felt… Read more »

  • Emptiness II

    Currently on… at São Mamede Lisboa – Susana Chasse

    Currently on – “Lands Project. Empty of separated existence” by Susana Chasse, from 29th of June to 22th of July.     The intriguing and astonishing paintings of Susana Chasse are exhibiting in our gallery during the month of July, a unique chance to have a 360º view on this rising artist.     Born… Read more »

  • 30 Sem Titulo (figura bizarra)

    Currently on… at São Mamede Lisboa – Jorge Vieira

    Currently on – “escultura e desenho” by Jorge Vieira, from 24th of May to 27th of June.   It goes without saying that is a really big honour to announce that we are exhibiting a unique and fantastic exhibition of the sculptures and drawings of Jorge Vieira.       Born in 1922 in Lisbon,… Read more »

  • Far away coming closer

    Currently on… at São Mamede Oporto – Deolinda Fonseca

    Currently on – “FAR AWAY COMING CLOSER” by Deolinda Fonseca, from 7th of May to 18th of June.   The great artist Deolinda Fonseca is exhibiting at São Mamede Oporto, an exhibition you cannot miss!   The artist was born in 1954 in Oporto and is a well known artist at São Mamede. With several… Read more »

  • 524567

    What’s on in… Lisbon – MURO, Urban Art Festival

    What’s on in… Lisbon – MURO – Urban Art Festival LX 2016 – 30th of April to 15th of May   A great  festival  of  urban  art  is  here, MURO, was  organized by  the Galeria  de Arte  Urbana (GAU) in cooperation with the Lisbon City Council and the Carnide parish council and has his epicentre… Read more »

  • 13178955_1232146436819574_3220520668685439731_n

    What’s on in… Lisbon – Art & Antiques Fair 2016

    What’s on in… Lisbon – Art & Antiques Fair 2016– 7th of May to 15th of May   The annual Art & Antiques Fair is back and you cannot miss the amazing pieces that São Mamede has on display.     The fair is at the Cordoaria Nacional in Lisbon and will run from Monday… Read more »

  • stitulo 168)10

    Currently on… at São Mamede, Lisboa – Jorge Pinheiro

    Currently on… at São Mamede Art Gallery, Lisbon   We have the joy to announce that the well-known artist, Jorge Pinheiro, is exhibiting at São Mamede Art Gallery until 23rd of June.       Pinheiro  was  born in  1931  and  his  recognition  began with  the famous  “Four Twenties Group” and continued to  increase through… Read more »

  • !!!

    What’s on in… Paris – Anselm Kiefer

    What’s on in… Paris – L´évènement, Anselm Kiefer at Pompidou Centre   This   amazing exhibition  offers a  never  seen  before  retrospective of  Anselm Kiefer. All kinds of Kiefer pieces were brought together for the first time in a unique way, more than sixty paintings curated as a  series of  dramatic moments  in the  artist career…. Read more »

  • P64-01)100x150cm

    Currently on… at São Mamede, Lisboa – Victor Costa

    Currently on – “Urban Bath”, Victor Costa, São Mamede Gallery, Lisbon  Victor Costa   Born in 1944, professor of Porto’s Faculty  of Fine Arts and  former director  of the São João da Madeira Art Centre, Victor Costa, is a Portuguese artist already well  established. His works have been presented in several international exhibitions and many… Read more »

  • 166-03)Reflexo(turvo)da_Luz#1_2015_103x140cm a

    Currently on… at São Mamede, Lisboa – Ana Sério

    Currently on – “Paisagem sem Povoamento” by Ana Sério, from 30th of March to 26th of April.      Ana Sério at São Mamede   The Portuguese award-winning artist Ana Sério, was born in 1976, held more than 10 solo exhibitions and  over 20 group  exhibitions.  Now, Ana Sério’s  powerful  colors are on display in… Read more »

  • Raúl Perez

    What’s on in… Cascais – Raúl Perez

    Born in 1944, Raúl Perez is today one of the top artists of the surrealist movement in Portugal. Linked to the this portuguese movement, and in particular to Cruzeiro Seixas, he was able to simultaneously be included in the group as well as set free and discover his unique signature.      Raúl Perez is… Read more »

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